Wednesday, 2 September 2015

You Make Me Brave

A few words to tell you
What I could never say
I can't say it out loud
Though I feel it every day.

You make me brave
You read that right
You make me get up each day
You help me fight

I want to run away
But then I think of you
I'd break your heart by leaving
I'd never do that to you

You make me brave
You help me go on
When I'm empty inside
You are my song

I am afraid
But you make me brave
You keep me alive
I'm thankful every day.

You make me brave
Though you don't seem to know
I wish I could explain
Why I feel it's so.

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Friday, 29 May 2015

A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry

I have recently published an ebook of my short stories and poetry. The book contains all the short stories and poems from this blog along with many previously unpublished stories and poems.
Profits from the sale of this ebook will go towards publishing a paper version of the book! :-D
So far, you can buy the book in the following places (I will add others as the book becomes available):
Book Country
Angus & Robertson
Google Books

I would really love to be able to publish a paper version of this book, so I hope you can find a compatible version! ^_^

Happy Reading!
Ciel Candimere

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Error of Feeling Alone

Have you ever thought it peculiar that when you are alone you are much more likely to get that dreadful being watched feeling, like someone is just over your shoulder, staring at you? Perhaps it's ghosts, faeries, alien creatures from another planet. Perhaps it's vampires, werewolves, God. Perhaps your neighbour is watching your house with binoculars. Perhaps you have an over-active imagination. Perhaps we've evolved to be most wary when we know we're alone and there's nobody to help us defend ourselves... It's probably that.
But are you alone when you feel you're alone? There must be a billion insects for every human, surely. Do you think your house is insect free? It isn't.
Sorry if I creeped you out there, but it's true! You're not alone. I know a cricket isn't much of of a conversationalist, but you can't deny they're there.
So are you alone or are you lonely? Perhaps you’re not really either. “It’s good to be home all alone!” you declare, your hand absent-mindedly stroking the cat very alive, very real, very obviously beside you.
“It’s good to be home alone!” you declare before poking your head out the back door to see what your dog is barking at.

What are you made of? Water? Air? Atoms? Is there anywhere you look that you cannot see these things? Tell me one thing you can touch that has not a single molecule. You can’t. Not only are you not alone but the things around you are more like you than you can imagine. When you feel alone, look around. When you feel lonely, remember. We are all the same, we are all different, we are all on the same organic space ship circling a star. You are not alone.

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Friday, 13 February 2015

For Valentine's Day

I wrote this tiny poem today, Valentine's Day, as I was thinking of the many kinds of love in the world, and in the Universe

She wore green, for she said it is the colour of love,
She carved a small hollow in an orange to cradle a small candle,
She opened her curtains so she could see the moon,
And she danced.

Her legs were frail,
Her steps were painful,
Her grace was lacking,
But she danced.

Her heart was full of joy,
Her heart was full of love,
She sent the love in her heart out to the world,
As she danced.

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Longing for Togetherness

This poem was written on the same night as Learning to Walk and has much the same theme. It was an emotionally dark night for me (almost typed dark knight, there. Entirely different.) and my writing helped me to feel safe enough to go to sleep and think maybe tomorrow would be a little better.

I fear.
I fear.
I'm afraid.
Tumbling over.

It all rolls over in my mind

Help me.
Don't fix me.
I'm not broken.
I'm not broken, I'm just afraid

Hold me.
Hold me.
I'm frightened.
Come nestle down in my mind

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